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What is important for integration to be possible:

How do I see the Germans, how do the Germans see me?
How do I see Germany? What do I know about Europe?

Understanding of the Germans (punctuality, order, flexibility, equality, religion).Sport or other club activities.

What role does politics play (shift to the right! And how can you yourself ensure that this does not happen)

:on the other hand, there is also a lack of workers and that people from abroad are needed in Germany! But people with training!

Do you often think about your future? Do you already have plans?

Why do German-Europeans love democracy as a form of government?

For centuries the Germans lived in dictatorships - no personal freedom, no travel, only one opinion, no freedom of expression. As a result, many wars with subsequent captivity - lack of freedom! Worldwide!

Democracy guarantees the separation of state and religion and freedom of expression. All fundamental rights are enforceable. The state is always a defender of all fundamental rights!

Freedom of choice; I choose the party with its program that I personally like, as well as religion or none at all!

                Artikel 1 GG - The would of everyone is untouchable! we believe in freedom, and the freedom of belief!
You can talk with Stefan Karentzopoulos about alls!
Thusday, 2020-02-10, 6:30 pm. Place: Europacafe House 3
Do you love English conversation? No lessons! Welcome!
We can talk about everything.
But always with respect for the other person!

For the first round of discussions I suggest the following topics:
Freier, gemeinnütziger Träger der Jugendhilfe nach § 75 KJHG
Verein zur Förderung deutscher und internationaler Jugend - begegnungen - arbeit und -projekte
Dr. rer. nat. Stefan Karentzopoulos